Can the AltRight be a modern alternative?

The American Alt-Right is at an important juncture in history. America is not that far from becoming majority-minority. It is difficult to map out a set of policies that could restore the historic American nation. One could suggest a complete end to all non-white immigration; a reversal of the incorrect interpretation of a constitutional amendment that gave rise to “birthright citizenship”; the encouragement of mass immigration from Europe; expulsion of Puerto Rico from US control; and an end to the reception of refugees in America. One could also add bringing in official English (with all states and cities prevented from providing services in other languages); an end to positive discrimination; an end to the collection of any data on racial disparities (which data are used in Left-wing agitation); the routine use of the death penalty (without years on Death Row) in all serious crimes; and the criminalisation of the promotion of multiculturalism in any company or educational establishment. Ultimately it would be desirable (but probably unfeasible) to remove citizenship from people without European ancestry.
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Thoughts on National Action

We read the unpleasant news today that two soldiers and one other are being “charged”, in a farce of a judicial process, with membership of National Action. News reports on this have quite improperly implied the men are guilty of “planning terrorism”. This shows how pliant the media are and how they will publish any slanderous information fed to them by the police. Reading further into the articles, the men were merely members of National Action, and no terrorist acts were being planned at all.
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Losing ground demographically

We are a long way past the point where a complete halt to immigration would be sufficient to save our nation. We play unwilling hosts to large ethnic communities that have very different birth rates. Even without immigration, they are on track to become the majority population later in the century. It is vital that the immigrant communities be compelled to bring their birth rates down. Continue reading “Losing ground demographically”

A period of terror for the multi-culturalists?

An important question for nationalists is what would happen to the multi-culturalists after the advent of a nationalist government. The need for political stability would support the argument for a “forgive and forget” approach. But the way in which Donald Trump’s administration is being openly undermined by his civil service suggests you need to cashier a large number of people to neutralize their power. Continue reading “A period of terror for the multi-culturalists?”

Nottinghamshire police failed to act on Muslim GBH

What an unpleasant story we read in the newspapers today! There is a long pattern of failure to act when it is the ethnic minorities committing serious crimes. After the Rotherham scandal, when police abetted the mass rape of English underage girls by Pakistani gangs, we now read that the Nottinghamshire police failed to act on an unauthorised circumcision performed on an infant boy. Continue reading “Nottinghamshire police failed to act on Muslim GBH”

Is immigration reversal feasible?

There is nothing, other than political obstacles, standing in the way of a country devising policy in order to defend the demographic integrity of its core ancestral nation. There are policies that would discourage a further growth in the ethnic population and encourage a reduction. The most important step is a revision of our citizenship laws, to take passports away from people without British ancestry. This would stop the warping of our democracy as ethnic minority people vote in our elections, stand for Parliament, and take part in discussion of our political affairs in the media. Importantly, the consideration of whether people were born in England or have access to other citizenships is irrelevant. We should remove citizenship from those who are not members of our nation, even where they would become “stateless”. Being stateless is not the same as being without ethnic identity, and all these people do have ethnic allegiances to countries beyond our shores, and it is to the governments of those countries they should look for travel documents. Continue reading “Is immigration reversal feasible?”